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An excellent sounding record starts with pristine sounding raw tracks.  Recording can be done at Tony's studio or a studio of your own choosing.

Mixing takes all your raw tracks to the next level.  Applauded for his tenacity at achieving a professional sounding mix, Tony will will spend the time to get it right. 

Mastering is the final process before your music goes live.  It ensures that your tracks are set to the correct levels for different listening environments, giving the listener the best possible sounding experience.

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I want to take all the knowledge I've acquired in my 15+ years working in the Music Industry to help you get heard.  Not only do I help you achieve the sound you want, but I also offer marketing strategies to make sure your music gets the attention it needs to be noticed in today's musical climate.  I WILL be an integral part of your journey to the top. 

- TL 

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As a new artist, Tony has been indispensable in helping me navigate my career, I recommend him to all artists looking for direction and actionable advice!

Danny Figueredo / Artist / Discount Sunset

Highly recommend Tony for any of your recording / mixing work. He recently worked on my covers band material and this guy goes to meticulous efforts to get the sound right.  Above all of that he's a nice guy to work with which makes a huge difference in the studio.  Cheers, Tony!

Aaron Ward / Singer / Here's To Us and Choir Noir

Tony is fantastic to work with. He gives you the right amount of encouragement but knows exactly when to push you to get more out of your recordings. I heard my record in a certain way but he suggested a different recording technique on the bridge which I took onboard and it sounds great!

Ollie Mulkeen / Singer & Trumpeteer 

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